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Transform your business and boost customer loyalty

Transform your business and boost customer loyalty

Boost customer loyalty with Tall EMU CRM

A CRM enables businesses to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and needs, resulting in personalized customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and higher customer lifetime value.

Your accounting system customer data is invaluable but cannot be used as a marketing tool within the accounting system, as it is not designed to do that. CRM is designed to use this data as an effective marketing tool.

Tall EMU is an award-winning CRM

Tall EMU is an award-winning CRM

Award Winning CRM

Tall EMU CRM is an Australian developed application, recognised as best-in-class customer relationship management (CRM) solution and is The Cloud Awards winner 2023-2024 for CRM.

Tall EMU streamlines processes across the entire business from lead management, to sales, stock, shipping and manufacturing.

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Use your existing MYOB data with Tall EMU to grow

Using Your Existing MYOB Data with Tall EMU to Grow

Tall Emu CRM doesn’t just help you find new customers – it also helps you make the most of the ones you already have.

By integrating with MYOB or Xero, CRM pulls in data about your customers’ buying habits and preferences. This lets you send them targeted marketing messages based on what they like and how they’ve bought from you in the past.