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Communication investments can be enhanced with visuals

Communication investments can be enhanced with visuals

Enhance your email, SharePoint, and presentations with Snagit.

With TechSmith Snagit you can quickly create images plus context and videos to give feedback,
create clear documentation, and show others
exactly what you see.

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TechSmith Snagit Screen Capture

Snagit 2022 screen-capture

How To Guides

Improve your audience’s productivity and understanding with visual How-To-Guides.

What better way to design and create training documentation for your students or staff than with visual tools like Snagit.

TechSmith’s own research has found that 58% of survey participants remember information longer when it is visual and 67% believe they complete tasks better when instructions are visual than with test alone.

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Are you ready for STP2?

Are you ready for STP2?

Single Touch Payroll phase 2 is effective from 1st January 2022.

Payroll categories need to be mapped to the new STP2 categories so that the ATO reporting is complete and correct when processing payroll.

Don’t Panic!

Both MYOB and XERO have ATO deferrals to implement STP2 in their payroll software until the end of 2022.

What is STP2?

STP Phase 2 is an expansion of the existing STP program to capture more information required by the ATO and other agencies such as Services Australia. This will reduce the compliance burden for employers and individuals.

Lakesview Business Solutions are MYOB and XERO certified to help you with STP2.

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