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Transform your business and boost customer loyalty

Transform your business and boost customer loyalty

Boost customer loyalty with Tall EMU CRM

A CRM enables businesses to understand customer preferences, behaviors, and needs, resulting in personalized customer experiences, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, and higher customer lifetime value.

Your accounting system customer data is invaluable but cannot be used as a marketing tool within the accounting system, as it is not designed to do that. CRM is designed to use this data as an effective marketing tool.

Use MYOB & Tall EMU CRM for Marketing

Use MYOB & Tall EMU CRM for Marketing

Use MYOB & Tall EMU CRM for marketing

Have you ever wondered what you could do if you could use the customer data that you already have in MYOB to feed into your marketing strategy?

The CRM is about keeping track of your interactions with customers to help you sell more effectively and build your relationship with the customer. With Tall Emu CRM, you can keep all your customer information in one place, making it easier to stay organized and focused on growing your business.

When synchronising Tall EMU with MYOB, all your valuable customer data is imported from MYOB into CRM. You can then run your entire business from Tall EMU. MYOB is updated with financial records.

How does this help your marketing strategy?

Here are some features that will entice you:

  • More interactions with your customers to build that relationship. You can email , SMS, send quotes and invoices directly from Tall EMU CRM. No need to search through volumes of emails to find past interactions with your customers. The history is all there in Tall EMU CRM.
  • Your customers can be segmented into targeted lists. These lists can be synchronised with your MailChimp account for campaigns.
  • Tall EMU has HTML code which you can add to your website to create a contact page. Respondents will then appear in Tall EMU CRM as opportunities.
  • Tall EMU CRM is wholly owned by MYOB and is part of the MYOB product family.

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